Weekend Wrap-Up

How was the weekend? It was nice to have a relaxing weekend without much to do. I find the older I get, the more structured and scheduled my weekends become. It was nice to hang out at home, go to the gym, try a new neighborhood restaurant, and do projects around the house. Here some images from our lazy weekend 🙂

Sunday homemade brunch. Challah banana vanilla french toast, eggs, avocado, and roasted cajun breakfast potatoes. Clearly, we like breakfast.
Previously mentioned challah. Baked fresh for Friday night Shabbat dinner.



My simple artwork 🙂
Bookshelf re-do.



Have you listened to Serial on NPR?

Adnan Syed

Have you listened to Serial? It’s an NPR podcast. I started listening last week and I am 100% hooked. It is so incredibly good. It follows the story of a murder case in Baltimore from the late 90’s. Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his ex high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. He is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Maryland.

I listened to 8 episodes over the course of several days. While I was working, of course. But I am telling you, it sucks you in. At one point you believe Adnan is guilty, at another you believe he is innocent, until you don’t know what to believe. Every episode adds a new perspective, a new interview, a new piece of evidence.

Until this week.

This week (Episode 9) Adnan talked about being in prison. He talked about the trial. I won’t give away too much, because I want you to listen. Episode 9 was really hard. It stopped feeling like an investigation. It started feeling like a story. Listening to the sequence of events after Hae Min Lee’s death, the trial, and conviction, and eventually, Adnan’s life in prison began to make my heart heavy. What if he was innocent? What if he was innocent and spent his entire adult life in prison? Would he get married? Have a child? He missed prom, dates, college. Then the episode described Hae’s mother during the trial; she came everyday, sat perfectly still, and when addressing the court, she recites a Korean proverb, “A parent is buried within a mountain, but when a child dies, it is buried in the parent’s heart.” Upon hearing this, I could not hold back tears.

I hope you listen.



hae min lee(Above image, Adnan Syed. Below, Hae Min Lee. Both images via NPR.org)

Black Out.

Everyone says, “When in doubt, wear black.” Seems like a good fall back plan, but these gorgeous looks might make an all black outfit your first choice.

99 percent of my wardrobe is of a neutral hue, so it makes sense that I find these all black looks very appealing.


allblack7 allblackpost allblack6 allblack5 allblack4

New Orleans Photo Diary

New Orleans is one of my all time favorite places to visit. I love the people, the food, the heat, and the music. There is something so charming and so unnerving about NOLA at the same time…we took a “voodoo tour” of the city that left me with a little spooky feeling, although I found the details of NOLA’s voodoo history totally engrossing. There is a certain darkness coupled with southern tradition that is so ubiquitous and unique that you constantly  feel as if you are really experiencing something.

I highly suggest visiting if you haven’t had a chance yet. We took a trip not long ago (I’ve been many times, this was B’s first time) and we had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from our trip.nola7A mansion on Washington Street.

nola 1

New Orlean’s church at night.


Sucre! Delicious.


These macarons, that iced coffee. Exquisite.

nola4Walking in the French Quarter during sunset.

nola14Magazine Street had some of the best shopping in New Orleans. Our AirBnB was right off Magazine. We’d walk to Whole Foods for snacks and local coffee shops for iced coffees in the morning.

nola5A nighttime art walk in the Quarter.

nola6A cemetery in the Garden District.

nola8Night life on Frenchman Street. Best place to hear live music in the city.

nola9I love you, New Orleans.

nola10Our New Orleans pad in the Garden District. So incredibly beautiful!

nola11We detoured for a few days to go to my hometown in NW Florida. Can you believe I used to live here?! Breathtaking.

nola12I remember I wanted to be able to recall this happy, carefree moment. So I snapped a photo!

nola13Florida, I love you, too!



Gallery Wall Ideas and…I’m Engaged!

Hello! It’s been so long. Quite a few things have changed for me…most notably, I’m engaged! I’m so thrilled and so fortunate to be with B. He’s such a great guy and makes me excited and happy to start each day.

Other news! I am in the process of redecorating my entire condo! So much fun (and long overdue). I’ve been picking up items here and there and seriously holding out for the furniture I WANT, vs. feeling the “need” to do it all at once. It’s been so fun picking out decor and imagining what my new condo will look once I am done. I’ll post some pics once the process is complete! One little caveat- B is also looking for a new home so I’m not spending a million bucks redecorating my place. I’m mostly doing DIY projects and getting creative (which has actually been a lot of fun!).

On that note, today I want to talk about wall galleries. There are some seriously cool wall galleries out there, and if you need proof, just check out Pinterest. People are so creative and bold with what they display on their walls and how-it’s pretty awesome. I’m debating creating a wall gallery above my couch in my living room. I currently have a large piece of art hanging in that spot, but I’m considering changing it up. I’ve compiled a short list of looks that I love and wouldn’t mind doing in my place. Check them out below!



(All images via Pinterest)

PS: THIS tip for creating the perfect gallery wall and THIS apartment is so dreamy!

L.A. Photo Diary


A few weekends ago, I went to LA to visit my mother. As expected, it was a fabulous time, full of relaxation and lots of sun. Living in Seattle, I sometimes forget what it’s like to wake up to warm, consistently sunny weather. Needless to say, it was a much needed dose of Vitamin C and Mom time.


Above: Hiking Runyon Canyon. Below: Urban Jungle, view from Runyon.



Thanks, Mom, for the hat!


My mom’s ‘hood.


Dragged my mom to the tourist trap, The Hollywood Museum. Forced her to examine all memorabilia associated with I Love Lucy/Lucille Ball.


Having a fabulous dinner and wine at 3Twenty Wine Lounge.


Lucy owned that dress 🙂


Bye bye, LA! Until we meet again.

Bar Cart Creation


I’ve been looking for the perfect bar cart for quite some time now. After being inspired endlessly on Pintrest, I finally decided that a copper (rose gold-ish) bar cart with clean lines was my next home decor must have. After scouring thrift stores, Craig’s List, and online retailers without any luck, I finally decided on a basic chrome cart and a can of copper spray paint. Although I was skeptical about the outcome (I had never spray painted anything before) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the finished product was exactly what I had in mind.