Raising My Hand.


One of my favorite blogs is A Cup Of Jo. I love her casual way of chatting about movies, books, nail polish, and how she is so open with her readers. She doesn’t seem like a mystery, but rather, a friendly gal you want to be best friends with.

Today, she published a blog post about losing her brother-in-law in a tragic accident in December. She said she didn’t want to share it on the blog right away out of respect for her family’s privacy, so she published content as usual. The cheery tone of her blog remained throughout December and it seemed that none of her readers really knew anything about her grief and pain.

It’s important to remember that all of the cute baking experiments, shots of beautiful beaches on Instagram, and perfectly curated outfits on fashion blogs are only slim glimpses into real life. I believe that Joanna’s pointed reminder is one we should all absorb and think about it. I don’t feel we need to share every detail or aspect of our lives, and I understand why we only want to share pretty, exciting parts. As long as we have a mutual understanding that nothing is perfect, not everything is adorable, and “there is no such thing as a simple life,” then I think we can acknowledge that sharing the beautiful parts of our lives does not mean that we are ignoring the hard, painful, and more complicated bits.

Joanna asked us to “raise our hands” if we want to acknowledge our worries or struggles. So, raising my hand.



(Photo taken by B)

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