Your Guide to Being Sneaky

I’ve spent most of my life in sneakers. As a child, I vividly remember arguing with my mom over her decision to throw away a red pair of canvas slip ons (with dinosaur print) and by the time I had become a teenager, you could find me in either adidas Superstars (white with stripes in a variety of colors) or Converse All-Stars (in a variety of colors). Once I graduated from college, I swore off flat shoes and lived in high heels.

A little heel always does a shorty like me (5’2″!) a bit of good, but I can’t deny the undying cool factor of the classic sneaker. And the fashion world seems to agree. These looks have me revisiting my love for the sneaker. For my next purchase? Probably New Balance 420s.


Red nails, leather pants, All Stars? Yep!

blacksneakers12 blacksneakers11 blacksneakers10



(all images via Pinterest)

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