New Orleans Photo Diary

New Orleans is one of my all time favorite places to visit. I love the people, the food, the heat, and the music. There is something so charming and so unnerving about NOLA at the same time…we took a “voodoo tour” of the city that left me with a little spooky feeling, although I found the details of NOLA’s voodoo history totally engrossing. There is a certain darkness coupled with southern tradition that is so ubiquitous and unique that you constantly¬† feel as if you are really experiencing something.

I highly suggest visiting if you haven’t had a chance yet. We took a trip not long ago (I’ve been many times, this was B’s first time) and we had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from our trip.nola7A mansion on Washington Street.

nola 1

New Orlean’s church at night.


Sucre! Delicious.


These macarons, that iced coffee. Exquisite.

nola4Walking in the French Quarter during sunset.

nola14Magazine Street had some of the best shopping in New Orleans. Our AirBnB was right off Magazine. We’d walk to Whole Foods for snacks and local coffee shops for iced coffees in the morning.

nola5A nighttime art walk in the Quarter.

nola6A cemetery in the Garden District.

nola8Night life on Frenchman Street. Best place to hear live music in the city.

nola9I love you, New Orleans.

nola10Our New Orleans pad in the Garden District. So incredibly beautiful!

nola11We detoured for a few days to go to my hometown in NW Florida. Can you believe I used to live here?! Breathtaking.

nola12I remember I wanted to be able to recall this happy, carefree moment. So I snapped a photo!

nola13Florida, I love you, too!



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